Listed below are our current vacancies.  Click on the name of the rental property to learn more about the location and find the contact information of the manager. If you’d like to see all of our available rental properties, please view the Properties page or see the Google map at the bottom of this page.

Current Vacancies

Unit SizeLocationAddressMonthly RentDepositUtilitiesApplicationManager's Number
1BRDonna Manor2964 S 200 E
$749 *free rent for January*

$395$25Apply Now!801-486-8931
1BRMary Kaye3195 S 300 E$749 *free rent for January*
$395$30Apply Now!801-486-8931
1BRRachel Manor1877 S 200 E$749 *free rent for January*
$395$20Apply Now!801-560-8566
1 BRLakewood2190 S. Lake Street$785$395$30Apply Now!801-560-8566
1BRJean Larie2186 S 800 E$825$395$25Apply Now!801-560-8566
1 BRMartin Manor1900 S. Douglas St.$825$395$25Apply Now!801-560-8566
2 BRWest Valley Duplexes2334 South 1480 West$995$395$60Apply Now!801-560-8566
5 BR HouseContadora Laneapprox. 6000 Contadora Lane$1,649$1,400Resident pays allApply Now!801-560-8566